For Denise Gee,
the good life
is best savored
with comfort
& compassion

Denise helped her cousin,  Lee Bailey , produce the James Beard Award-winning book   Lee Bailey's Southern Food & Plantation Houses  , which focused on her hometown of Natchez.

Denise helped her cousin, Lee Bailey, produce the James Beard Award-winning book Lee Bailey's Southern Food & Plantation Houses, which focused on her hometown of Natchez.

In the historic river city of Natchez, Mississippi, Denise was raised in a four-story Victorian house that was decidedly different from its downtown counterparts. Most of the home’s first floor comprised her family’s clothing store, where Denise’s entrepreneurial grandmother, “Aunt” Freddie Bailey, would sell the jams and jellies she’d canned in a converted carriage house out back. The home’s upper floors housed rental apartments – and an evolving cast of characters – while its large wrap-around front porch was a happy place where locals and tourists could be found each sunset idling in rocking chairs, swapping stories, nibbling on pimiento cheese-stuffed celery and sipping a cocktail or two.

Surrounded by such spirited people and sumptuous style, there’s little wonder why Denise decided early on to be a writer – inspired in large part by her cousin, renowned designer Lee Bailey. His don’t gild the lily approach to life would serve as a compass for her and other creative sorts, including Nora Ephron (read her tribute here) and Julia Reed (look here).

Denise has channeled her love of storytelling and knowledge of beautiful food and decor into editorships at Better Homes & Gardens, Southern Living and Coastal Living, plus countless magazine articles. She’s also written/styled five books (and counting) for Chronicle Books with her husband, photographer Robert M. Peacock. And in a quest to make life more meaningful, the Dallas-based author-publicist works to champion Southern Methodist University’s unique human rights program and “World Changers,” along with the life-changing community outreach and professional training initiatives of AMBER Alert.


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